African fashion, most vibrant worldwide – Dutch fashion promoter


A Dutch-African fashion promoter based in Holland, Joan Drost, has described African fashion as the most vibrant and colorful in the world. Drost told the Newsmen on Monday in Lagos that variation of, especially, Nigerian outfits made them stood above the rest of the world.

“”The Nigerian fashion is quite colorful and diverse. The styles are as numerous as the designs and fabrics. “”Especially in festive periods, the Nigerian fashion glitters.

You hardly find five persons with same outfit or color, unlike the English fashion that is one directional. ” When you travel out, you see similar styles and colors. Men in black or cream suits and women in gowns or skirts with similar colors.

” He said that the fast acceptance of the African fabrics ““Ankara’’ by companies such as Daviva, UNTL, ABC, had improved the vibrancy of the Nigerian fashion.

““The Ankara is fast gaining acceptance in the world of fashion because even the international fashions have modeled their foreign styles using the African fabrics.

”You currently discover that suits and even wedding gowns have been designed using “Ankara fabrics, which demonstrates the extent of acceptance internationally,’’ he said.

Drost, who is the brand and marketing consultant to some African fabrics manufacturers, said that all his wears were made from Ankara stuff, including his official suits and trousers.

”Absolutely, all my outfits are designed using Ankara fabrics, I love the vibrant colors and designs and durability when properly managed,’’ he told Newsman.

The Dutch-African fashion promoter, who is currently on tour of Abuja  Enugu and Lagos, said owners of the fashion might not value the aesthetics of it unless they tour the world.

”Nigerians may not appreciate the beauty of their vibrant fashion until they experience the monopoly and one direction of other fashions.

“The diversity of the Nigerian tribes is the beauty of the variety of her fashion. They have unique options to choose from, so why not stick to them,’’ he said.

Drost said that the international community currently wore the African fabrics more proudly than the owners. He, therefore, urged all tiers of government to support the fabric industries so that their increased production would boost the tourism sector


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