How To Open Your Blog Post With A Smash?

Adopt These 10 Smart-Kid Approach….

As a blogger what do you want to serve to your audience to make them excited, keep them salivating and ready to be served more of your most delicious piece of information in your next post?

As the case may be, what is paramount in all bloggers or content writers mind is to produce content that is brimming with great ideas, exciting potential, and great advice, but somehow many of them have no knowledge of how to connect emotionally with their readers.

As a content writer have you noticed that the most dominant phrase in any write-up is the first one. For instance, when churning out your blog post and your opening sentence doesn’t induce the reader to proceed to the second passage, your article is dead. And if the second sentence doesn’t impel him to move to the third phase, it’s equally inactive. This is regarded as a chain of sentences, each jerking the reader forward until … safely hooked and getting to the lead.

With this lead, you already have the strongest tool to use when you decide to drop your next piece because you will be able to connect emotionally with your audience, which is referred to as your “post opener”.

This you can do by adopting the use of “quotes”. If this style is effectively applied, they not only add validity to your work, as well as frame a strong platform whereupon you can put together whatever is left of the article.

Often times, most blog writers find themselves at a roadblock because they cannot fathom a way to connect with their readers, when next you find yourself stuck on how to open a blog post, roll out one of these ten smart kid charming tips, and you’ll be right on your path to clicking the publish button.

  1. Be Short and Direct:

Used this method especially when you are writing a list post; but then in writing a list post, make the title very descriptive and captivating.

Example number 1

An example of this leg pulling method is.“Seven Ways to Get Your Blog Posts Shared On Facebook by Dan Zarella, Which she began with ‘Want to maximize sharing of your content on Facebook? Here are seven tips that are sure to help”.

  1. Add Some Fun To Your Opening Sentence Or Paragraph:

Add some fun and humor to your opening sentence. Informal personality is always the best, more especially on writing a business blog.

Example number 2

From Who The Hell Are You? by Naomi Dunford. And she said,  “I know that not all of you reading this my piece will  appreciate that I almost titled this my article ‘What’s My Name, Bitch?’  But for one simple logic, I recognize that not everybody engages in spending their precious time in frivolity as I do before I unwillingly decided against such unprofitable act.”

  1. Ask A Thought-Provoking Question:

Anytime you are asked a question, you must think of an answer. That is exactly what your reader will do, and you’ll immediately engage them in a conversation. Be careful and avoid any questions that can be answered with “no” or “who cares”.

Example number 3

On How to Make People Love You When You’re Not Around. By David Wright, Which began with “What do people say about you when you’re not around?”

  1. Multiple Choice Question Helps A Lot:

A multiple-choice question is another great way to engage your reader. Bear it in mind that your question should be relevant to your reader and the article.

Example number 4

From How to Change Your Mindset for Growth by Ali Luk, and he began with “Pop quiz. Which of these do you agree with? “Intelligence is fixed at birth or some people are creative, while others aren’t? Or you can change your personality.

“If you choose the first two states, you’re an advent of a fixed mindset. If you go for the second, you’ve got a growth mindset.”

  1. Share Shocking Fact:

This approach is very powerful because sensationalism sells, especially when it’s true. It is the same approach used in the supermarket tabloid like the National Enquirer, or even the New York Post.

Example number 5

From ‘Infomania worse than marijuana,  A new research has claimed that. “Workers distracted by email and phone calls suffer falls in IQ doubly more than that found in marijuana smokers”.

  1. Share Something Personal:

This is always a great way to establish a deeper connection with your readers. But make sure that it is a true expression of your own personality.

Example number 6

On how Cancer revolutionized My Blog by Karl Staib, She set in her writing motion style with “Recently, I was diagnosed with testicular cancer. Yes, the dreaded c-word. It’s probably not what you are thinking. I don’t look at this health issue as an anchor. I look at this as an opportunity for growth.”

  1. Withhold a Compelling Piece of Information:

This approach is known as “the appetizer/teaser,” with this method which is a little indirect but powerful you can hold back a key piece of information till later in the piece so that the readers’ interest will be aroused, and engaged to keep reading.

Example number 7

From How to Pull Your Readers Into Your Content Instantly by Derek Halpern.

And it began with “how would you like to learn how to pull your audience into your content by taking advantage of an innate human behavior? “What if I said that every TV network, movie, blog, book, and other types of social media use this same tactic? Or what if I showed you how to leverage this tactic to attract more subscribers and earn more sales?”

  1. Debunk Conventional Wisdom:

Any time you write something that goes against the status quo, just be sure the rest of your article can back it up because it’s bound to get some attention.

Example number 8

On Eleven Smart Tips For Brilliant Writing by Dean Rieck. It is like this “Do you sound smarter if you use big words? According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the answer is definitely no.”

  1. Lead With a Success Story:

It is more compelling and inspiring to read about someone else’s path to success. Moreover, this is a tried and true approach to engaging your reader, the best part of this being that the success story does not even have to be your own story.

Example number 9

Ten Simple Tips To Get Two Hundred And Fifty Pages Views Per Month by Niall Harbison.

Which stated “when we started our business sixteen months ago, we decided to use a blog as the central marketing tool for our business. We did it because we did not really have any money for advertising. We placed the blog at the center of our website and only had one commodity in our hands to make it a success….time. It had been a long journey but sixteen months later we get two hundred and fifty page views to our site per month, and also in the last year we have brought in over five hundred dollars in business as a direct result of the blog and the business operates in two countries and our content has been picked up all over the world”.

  1. Start With a Reader’s Question:

Reader questions are great. Mostly because you can usually be sure other people share the same question. Also, it’s so much easier to address a specific question rather than you pulling content out of your own head.

Example number 10

On how to How to Write Great Blog Content: A professional advice from  ProBlogger.  Do you have any more tips for creating more content for my blog?



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