Meghan Markle In ‘Tears’ Over Scrutiny Of Her Royal Faux Pas: How Prince Harry Is Supporting Her.

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God save Meghan Markle! The Duchess Of Sussex has run into some issues when it comes to her royal behavior, but she has her husband, Prince Harry, to support her through it!

Meghan Markle was just accused of breaking royal protocol and “disrespecting the Queen” when she crossed her legs at a royal engagement. Shortly after, she attempted to hold Prince Harry’s hand in public — which just isn’t what the royals do. Still, she’s only been a Duchess for a month and a half, so the Royal Family is cutting her some slack, even though she’s incredibly hard on herself. “Meghan does worry about messing up, she worries terribly, because she wants to do everything perfectly, so she really beats herself up when she gets even the tiniest thing wrong. But, there is so much to remember, so many minuscule little details, it’s kind of mind-blowing really–and all incredibly high pressured too, as it’s all under a microscope at the same time,” a palace insider told exclusively.

“The funny thing is that the Queen is actually incredibly gracious to Meghan, she doesn’t put any pressure on her at all, it’s actually quite the opposite, and Harry is so loving and supportive, he’s constantly telling Meghan how amazing she’s doing, and how quickly she’s learning, and she is!” Aww! Listen, if the Queen doesn’t have a problem, we don’t have a problem.

At Meghan and Harry’s royal nuptials on May 18, the Duchess seemed ready to commit to her role as a royal — singing God Save The Queen flawlessly, and crossing her legs at her ankles. Her few faux pas, while understandable to the royal family, are reportedly devastating to her. “The British press is constantly jumping on each and every little faux pas though, and publicly reprimanding Meghan, it’s horrible really, and some days she ends up in tears,” the insider revealed. “Harry is so protective of Meghan, and he hates how some of the newspapers write about her, it reminds him of his mother, and the way she was treated by the press, and sometimes Harry worries that nothing has really changed.” Recall, the British tabloids were incredibly tough on Princess Diana, but if Meghan is anything like her she’ll continue to handle herself with impeccable class!

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