Justin Bieber Caught Crying On The Phone Days After Happy Engagement To Hailey Baldwin — 

After the week Justin Bieber had, it’s no surprise that he was having ALL the feels. After proposing to Hailey Baldwin, Biebs was spotted wiping away tears during an emotional phone call!

Somewhere, someone was playing Whitney Houston, because Justin Bieber, 24, got “So Emotional” while chatting on the phone outside Hailey Baldwin’s apartment on July 10, according to TMZ. Days after Justin popped the question to Hailey, 21, Justin was spotted chatting, and whatever the discussion was about, it clearly got the better of the Biebs. The “Sorry” singer was spotted putting his hand against his face, pinching his eyes in a way that seems like he was wiping away tears. He was “definitely having an emotional reaction,” TMZ reports, though the publication says it was “hard to tell” if he was laughing, crying – or both!

It’s quite possible that in the span of a single phone call, Justin went from laughing to crying and back. It did go down shortly after he asked Hailey to become his happily wedded wife. After Justin hung up, he and Hailey reportedly boarded a helicopter to go visit Stephen Baldwin and her mother, per TMZ. Could it have been Stephen on the other end? Considering that Justin asked Hailey’s father permission to marry his daughter, it’s possible that Justin was getting a little “fatherly advice” from his future in-law.

Speaking of “father figures,” Justin’s own papa, Jeremy Bieber, was practically the first one to break the news about his son’s engagement. “Proud is an understatement,” the Bieber daddy posted online. “Excited for the next chapter.” On top of that, an insider EXCLUSIVELY told HollywoodLife.com that Justin consulted his father for advice ahead of the proposal, with Jeremy telling his son to “listen to his heart.” With Jeremy having Justin’s back, was Biebs calling up his dad during the emotional phone call?

Plus – what got Justin feeling all the feels during this call? It’s possible that Justin, a 24-year-old man, was just having a moment where he was overwhelmed with the fact that he’s about to take a huge step and get married. Justin’s life is going to completely change after he says “I do,” so it’s understandable if he needed a moment by himself to vent everything he was feeling. If he was feeling anxious, nervous or sad – then, feel better, Bieber! It’s all pretty scary but it’s going to be okay.


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