TENNIS CHAMP : What are Serena Williams’ diet and exercise regime and what’s she said about post-baby weight loss and breastfeeding?

The tennis champ’s breastfeeding experience was totally opposite to most mothers…

JUDGING by Serena Williams’ impressive Wimbledon performance so far this year, you wouldn’t have thought she had a baby just ten months ago.

Here is everything you need to know about her impressive diet and exercise regime now that she is a mother…

 Nine months after the birth of her daughter and Serena is back to her fighting bestREUTERSNine months after the birth of her daughter and Serena is back to her fighting best

What is Serena Williams’ diet and exercise regime Ahead of her Wimbledon return, Serena followed a “vegan” diet and “didn’t eat sugar” to get herself back in shape?

The 36-year-old tennis pro told the Daily Mail she “was totally eating completely healthily” while prepping for her big return.

When she’s not pounding the grass courts, Serena also enjoys running, cycling and dancing and “making up moves” for “fun.”

Speaking to Fitness magazine, Serena said “it’s so important to mix up” her workouts and also combines cardio with resistance training to really strengthen her physique.

 Serena gave birth to her daughter Alexis at the end of last yearINSTAGRAM

Serena gave birth to her daughter Alexis at the end of last year

What has she said about post-baby weight loss?

Serena Williams has said her breastfeeding experience has taught her “everyone’s body is different” and that the widely-held belief that nursing causes women to lose weight is a “lie.”

Despite her best efforts to eat healthily and train hard, Serena added “no matter how much I worked out, it didn’t work for me” and she couldn’t shake her maternity lbs.

Instead, Serena found herself putting on weight while breastfeeding her daughter.

It was only once she stopped nursing her baby Alexis that she “lost ten pounds in a week” and then “just kept dropping.”

What has she said about breastfeeding?

Despite the common belief that breastfeeding helps new mothers slim down after giving birth, Serena Williams’ experience was the total opposite.

Although she only planned to nurse her daughter until she was three months old, Serena didn’t stop breastfeeding until Alexis was six months.

The tennis champ admitted that she “cried a little bit” when she eventually made the decision to stop and said: “I literally sat Olympia in my arms and I talked to her about it and we prayed about it.”

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