T.I. & Tiny’s Big Fight Over ‘The Bobby Brown Story’: Why She Didn’t Want Him To Watch

Tiny and T.I. had a pretty big fight last night because she tried to ban him from watching The Bobby Brown StoryAsia’h [Epperson] is in it — she’s the girl he was caught with — and Tiny does not want T.I. ever mentioning her name again or even watching her on TV. It’s a matter of principle and Tiny doesn’t think T.I. should disrespect her that way, but he sees it very differently. T.I. does not take well to her telling him what he can or can’t do — it was a mess,” a friend of Tiny’s tells HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. Yikes! Doesn’t sound like Tiny, 43, and T.I., 37, had a very fun night last night.

It also doesn’t help that T.I. was rumored to be dating Asia’h behind Tiny’s back. Asia’h was waiting for him to break away from Tiny so they could pursue a true relationship together, HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY learned, but that never happened. Even so, Tiny’s been tormented by the butt slap ever since it happened. She and T.I. may be moving forward, but Tiny will never forget that butt slap.

The Bobby Brown Story premiered on BET on Sept. 4 and concludes with the second part on Sept. 5. Many people will be watching the TV movie’s conclusion later tonight, but it doesn’t sound like T.I. will be one of them.

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