Broke Rob Kardashian Forced To Sell Possessions To Pay Blac Chyna

Rob Kardashian has been ordered to pay over $25,000 of Blac Chyna’s legal fees, and with no money in the bank, he was forced to sell several luxury items including jewellery and a Range Rover.

Radar Online obtained the court documents: “Within five days of execution of this Stipulated Judgement, Respondent [Rob] shall pay Petitioner [Chyna] $25,000, return any jewelry gifted by Petitioner to Respondent for R’s use, and transfer to Petitioner his 2016 Range Rover Supercharged (long wheelbase) with 9,237 miles …, as a contribution toward Petitioner’s attorney’s fees and costs incurred in conjunction with this action.”

The documents went on to say: “As further contribution to said [legal] fees and costs, Petitioner [Chyna] shall be entitled to retain all jewellery formerly gifted to her by Respondent [Rob] and currently in her possession, including, but not limited to, the three bracelets which have not yet been paid for. Respondent shall pay for said three bracelets and for any repairs to jewellery formerly gifted to Petitioner by Respondent and returned to the jeweller with damages. Petitioner and Respondent shall each be responsible for any and all additional attorney’s fees and costs he to she respectively incurs in conjunction with this action.”

Rob is said to be suffering financially because his socks company is not working well and he longer appears on the family’s reality TV series.

Kylie Jenner has asked Rob to move out of her mansion, and he is back into mom Kris Jenner ’s home.


One fan reacted to the story saying: “Chyna a gold digger? But what are Kim, Khloe, and Kylie? Saints? They should ‘ve been more concerned about underage Kylie being in a relationship with a 25-year who happened to be engaged to Chyna and recently had a child together.”

Another commenter stated: “Rob is a big baby that refuses to do anything for himself. His sisters are sick of supporting him; they’ve been trying to get Kris to stop being such a helicopter mom for years. Maybe if he can’t continue his lifestyle so comfortable he’ll get off his ass.ll he has to do is live in a home that his mom gives him an make nothing or just the minimum.”

A third follower wrote: “But his little sister a billionaire and the older one’s millionaires. He grew up surrounded by mean girls, of course, his not going to act like one what yall expect his a Kardashian. God bless China for keeping her mouth shut and not putting these insane people on blast she’good women for not reacting like them people have towards her and her daughter … God bless you China you were too good for that family anyways baby girl.”

Fix the problem, Not the blame

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